RF Emissions Studies and Remediation (EME and NIR)

The FCC and OSHA have set limits on human exposure to RF energy to ensure the safety of anyone walking or working near wireless antennas. As a result, antenna owners or licensees must run a compliance study for new or modified RF environments to verify that the site’s RF emissions meet the requirements on exposure limits. SiteSafe provides independent, professional, third-party compliance studies that meet the FCC’s mandate and provide our customers with an increased level of liability protection. These studies can be performed on any type of wireless facility, and we have certified more than 100,000 rooftops, towers, and water tanks for RF compliance. SiteSafe’s RF exposure compliance services include:

  • Electromagnet Emissions (EME) Site Studies
  • EME Site Modeling
  • Non-Ionizing Radiation (NIR) Modeling
  • Site Safety Plans
  • Site Remediation

EME & NIR Reports & Assessments

EME Site Study An EME site visit and study is typically required for rooftop sites that have limited access to the public, but near which trained workers (for example, HVAC technicians) may conduct their business. For an EME Site Study, we conduct a site visit to gather data, which we use to create and analyze an RF exposure model.

EME Site Modeling An EME site modeling report is typically used when antennas on a structure are at a height or location that puts them in closer proximity to the public than a regular tower, such as across from a parking garage or near a school. These reports are often used when a zoning board wants a more detailed and graphics-oriented report than what is presented in our standard NIR modeling report. For an EME site modeling report, SiteSafe uses customer-supplied information to predict the RF levels at the site.

Non-Ionizing Radiation (NIR) Model A NIR modeling report is most often used to demonstrate compliance of a tower site in the event of an audit or local zoning request. Using customer-supplied information, SiteSafe calculates the theoretical ground exposure at the base of the antenna structure assuming the “worst case” effective radiated power (ERP).

Site Safety Plan A Site Safety Plan contains the proper procedures for allowing access to a site, working in an RF environment, posting hazard signage, and adding additional tenants to the site. The plan is an important element in maintaining a site that is in compliance with the FCC’s and OSHA’s guidelines for safe work practices in a hazardous environment.

Site Remediation Should we determine that remediation is needed in order for a site to become compliant, we can provide signage and barrier installations as needed to ensure that the site meets all FCC and OSHA regulations.

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Be safe with SiteSafe. Our business is safety. Your safety – your company, your employees, and the general public. We provide RF regulatory compliance services designed to keep companies in compliance with federally mandated standards governing human exposure to RF energy.