About Our Company

SiteSafe, a QualTek company, has been providing industry-recognized regulatory compliance services to wireless telecommunications companies since 1997. What began as a company that helped clients protect patterns for AM radio stations, has grown to include a comprehensive portfolio of services designed to help companies navigate and meet federal regulations in the wireless industry.

SiteSafe endeavors to be the leading provider of regulatory compliance and RF engineering services through expert consultation, personal commitment, and rock-solid results. #BetterThanTheRest

An Unrivaled Team Built on Unstoppable People

The SiteSafe team is truly like no other, and it’s this group of passionate, dedicated people that makes our company what is. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced leadership and staff work tirelessly to offer only the best to our customers. We provide fast, smart, and cost-effective help to our industry, making us a true resource for those we serve. Learn more about our team by clicking below.

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A Company That Knows Its Values

We’re confident one of the many reasons we’re still successful in our operations is that we’ve known what we value from the start, and we’ve never wavered from those principles. To remain an industry leader and provide the best for our employees and our customers, SiteSafe focuses on the following:

  • Integrity: We strive always to be honest and transparent in all of our dealings.
  • Customer Commitment: It’s our goal to earn the trust of our customers by not only meeting their expectations consistently, but exceeding them wherever possible.
  • Innovation: We believe in a culture of ongoing education and limit pushing, constantly pursuing new and better ways.
  • Strategy: We remain on the cutting edge of our industry’s information and use it to create winning approaches that lead to successful executions.
  • Team Focus: We share a purpose and responsibility to achieve our company’s mission together, and we treat our employees with respect and support, just as we do our customers.

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About SiteSafe

Be safe with SiteSafe. Our business is safety. Your safety – your company, your employees, and the general public. We provide RF regulatory compliance services designed to keep companies in compliance with federally mandated standards governing human exposure to RF energy.