FAA Obstruction and Airspace Analysis

When a new tower or transmission power line is being planned, owners need to take into account and comply with any FAA regulations that may impact the proposed location and ensure that all necessary state and federal forms are filed. SiteSafe provides a comprehensive suite of expert services to address all your needs when it comes to airspace regulation compliance, including:

  • Form Filings and Tracking – 7460-1, 7460-2 Part 1, 7460-2 Part 2, State
  • FAA Compliance Studies
    • Search Area Ring (SAR) Analysis
    • Site Specific Evaluation
    • Follow Up Search Area Ring (SAR) Analysis
  • AM Screening
  • Expert Witness Testimony
  • Consulting Services


The FAA requires that the following forms be filed for many new or modified towers or transmission power lines:

  • FAA 7460-1 Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration
  • FAA 7460-2 Part 1 Notice of Actual Construction or Alteration
  • FAA 7460-2 Part 2 Notice of Actual Construction or Alteration

At SiteSafe, our experts know what notifications are needed when.  We submit the appropriate filings to the FAA and track each site’s regulatory progress to ensure the necessary paperwork is moving through the required steps within your site construction timelines.  SiteSafe also provides state filing services for the 18 states presently requiring them.  We verify state requirements on a regular basis to ensure that our customers meet all necessary state and federal regulations.


Search Area Ring (SAR) Analysis
SiteSafe performs screenings of all potential FAA/FCC related issues that may be found within a specific point-and-radius search area.   We recommend running this type of analysis at the beginning of your tower/market build-out so you know up front if there are going to be any airspace issues that will limit the height of your proposed structure.

Site Specific Evaluation
SiteSafe performs screenings of all potential FAA/FCC related issues based on a specific point.  Using the site data you submit, we conduct an evaluation of any impacts on FAA or FCC regulations, including an in-depth look at all IFR surfaces.

Follow-up Search Area Ring (SAR) Analysis
A Follow-Up SAR is a Site Specific Evaluation for a site located within a search area on which we already conducted a SAR Analysis.

AM Screening
As a value-add to each FAA compliance study, SiteSafe automatically runs a preliminary AM screening free of charge if an AM tower is close in proximity.  See our AM Detuning page for more details.

Expert Witness Testimony
SiteSafe provides expert witness testimony at aviation accident investigation/review boards, and can also assist at local or county planning and zoning boards.

Consulting Services
When compliance becomes complicated, SiteSafe can help make it simple again.  With our years of experience, we can provide ad-hoc consulting services to help you solve any unique compliance issues that pop up.  From providing special reports for zoning board requests, to coordinating between local, Federal, and commercial clients, we have the know-how to get things done.

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